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Life in The Comfort Zone……

“Life begins at the end of your comfort Zone!” The Magic happens when you step out of your comfort zone” …. most of us have heard it during coaching or motivational speeches.

Yesterday I was sitting on the beach with my wife watching the sunrise and the thought crossed my mind: Do we really have to be “uncomfortable” to fully enjoy life?

2020 changed the way we approach daily life for many of us. It forced us to alter many things – yet for our family a lot of changes had been positive ones actually. I understand we have been lucky and extremely blessed that we stayed healthy so far and did not lose any loved ones due to Covid. We had more time to focus on things that we enjoy and that give us satisfaction. We ate better, we reduced stress, read more books, spent more time together as a family and actually had a chance to get rid of things that kind of cluttered our lives without us even noticing during our packed and busy days. We found time to explore and work on new ideas and business opportunities and for the first time in many years I consistently slept at least 6 hours or more every night.

Overall, we lived life more within our comfort zone and somehow it felt really good.

Of course, I agree that you should always learn, improve and seek new ways to expand your experiences and personal boundaries. I grew up in a small village in Europe as the most quiet, shy child in town and looking back, I am still surprised about many things I did in my life - I took many trips only by myself to remote places. At age 23, I left my life behind and moved to Miami for a career opportunity and started over. I married my beautiful wife from Brazil and learned a lot about a different culture. At age 45 I exited a good and comfortable corporate position to start over in a new industry - without the safety of a salary, only commission-based pay and with a family to feed. So, I get it, you gain new experiences when you stretch your comfort zone borders.

For each of us, “comfort zone” is defined individually. Life within your comfortable levels of familiarity, safety and security does not have to equal “boring” and “inactive”. And it does not have to mean you are sitting on the couch all day. You can take the risk of starting a new business – yet choose one that fits what you feel comfortable and experienced with. Finding a partner who complements you on things you are uncomfortable about, can help you focus

But what if… life really starts IN our Comfort Zone?

Maybe we should embrace Life in the Comfort Zone? Maybe we should put more value and focus on our Comfort Zone? Maybe we should recognize and appreciate it more?

Because after all, life is too short to be spent being stressed, being worried, with lack of sleep or waking up already with anxiety and nervous just thinking of your daily tasks ahead.

Why do I have to feel bad or guilty when I don’t constantly put myself into situations that me feel uncomfortable - as society wants me to think I have to? What if. I accept what I am comfortable with and proudly focus on enjoying as much time as possible within my comfort zone?

There are no right or wrong answers to all these questions, I guess. Each of us will have to figure out our personal best balance between enjoying and expanding our Comfort Zone. And maybe it also comes with age and experience. I just wanted to share my thought with you, if life truly only begins outside the comfort zone? … and possibly inspire you to reflect on how we can contribute to creating powerful Comfort Zones for ourselves, our families, our employees and the people around us whose lives we touch every day….

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